The Irish Times recently posted an article where they examined a report that looked into the reasons why students continued to avoid STEM subjects in school. They, along with AbbVie, hosted an event to explore how industry and education leaders in Ireland can work together to create more engagement with Science, Technology, English and Maths subjects in school environments and in the article shared their findings. The main gist of the report looked at the negative impact the lack of engagement with STEM could have on Ireland’s future especially in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, you see the whole report here, but what can we learn from this to encourage the take-up of STEM subjects in other parts of the world? The report suggested the following things: Demystifying STEM to challenge misconceptions Encouraging curiosity by showing children science and technology-related programmes, websites and exhibitions. Parents should get involved with schoolwork asking children to help them understand the curriculum. Are there any other ways we can work together to encourage students to engage more actively with STEM subjects?