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    Using robots as an educational resource: a case study

    Educational opportunities are very important to the team here at Active Robots and Active8Robots, which is one of the reasons why we invite local students to take part in work experience at our Chilcompton base. Continue reading →
  2. Work Experience at Active Robots
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    Work Experience at Active Robots

    Toby Ford, a Year 10 student from the Blue School in Wells spent a week with us for his work experience and kept a log of all the activities he got up to!  Continue reading →
  3. First Use: Weistek 3D Printer
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    First Use: Weistek 3D Printer

    Before this week I had two impressions of 3D printers. You have the huge, expensive machines that take days to print and cost more than I'd earn in a year. Then you have the other printers that, whilst affordable, print fuzzy and poor quality items. When I was tasked with using a cheap 3D printer I assumed it would be the latter, and I'd be lucky to make out feet from faces. It would turn out that this assumption couldn't have been further from the truth. Continue reading →
  4. A Lego Adventure
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    A Lego Adventure

    "So I hear you have experience with LEGO." This sentence marks the day where I realised I had reached my peak of happiness. I had spent every moment of my childhood building and constructing LEGO, so when I was handed a huge box of not only robotics, but LEGO robotics, I was overjoyed. Continue reading →
  5. Juke Bots - More Robot Triage
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    Juke Bots - More Robot Triage

    My second task during work experience was to get two cute Wall·E like bots up and running. The plan was to have them whizzing around whilst blaring out music. These bots seemed relatively cute and simple compared to the behemoth of the hexapod, so I began trying to fix them. Continue reading →
  6. Work Experience - In at the Deep End
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    Work Experience - In at the Deep End

    Having had no prior experience with any robotics, it was quite daunting to see a huge hexapod lying in front of me on my first day of work experience. This hexapod had been abandoned in a box for many years, wires were spewed out across its lifeless back and its circuitry was all exposed. It was my job to nurture this poor robotic ant back to health. Continue reading →

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