1. Phidgets VINT Hub gets a speed upgrade
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    Phidgets VINT Hub gets a speed upgrade

    The HUB0001 is a drop-in replacement for the HUB0000 and will enable data rate increases of up to 10x for future generations of VINT devices. The VINT Hub is one of the most commonly used Phidgets. Connect up to 6 devices to your computer through a single USB port. Each VINT port can perform one of four roles: Communicate with...
  2. Pololu Range and Robots
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    Pololu Range and Robots

    Pololu is one of Active Robots’ most popular ranges. Continue reading →
  3. A Look at Robot Sensors
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    A Look at Robot Sensors

    A robotic sensor is, as the name suggests, a device that allows a robotic device to ‘sense’ some aspect of its environment, such as the presence of obstacles, and react accordingly. Robotic sensors can be considered the ‘eyes and ears’ of a robot.  Active Robots takes A Look at Robot Sensors. Continue reading →

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