1. Phidgets VINT Hub gets a speed upgrade
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    Phidgets VINT Hub gets a speed upgrade

    The HUB0001 is a drop-in replacement for the HUB0000 and will enable data rate increases of up to 10x for future generations of VINT devices. The VINT Hub is one of the most commonly used Phidgets. Connect up to 6 devices to your computer through a single USB port. Each VINT port can perform one of four roles: Communicate with...
  2. Why should robots be used in schools?
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    Why should robots be used in schools?

    With robots slowly infiltrating our daily lives, surely there should be more of them in schools helping children get used to working alongside automation and gaining experience in Technology and Science subjects which are coming to dominate the workplace. So, why should schools start using robots in their lessons? Continue reading →
  3. Can we learn more from these girls?
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    Can we learn more from these girls?

    While browsing the internet, we found an article from a school in Illinois about a group of schoolgirls who had not only embraced STEAM education but are mentoring younger students in these subjects and encouraging robotics projects including coding and 3D printing. Continue reading →
  4. Tips for teaching coding
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    Tips for teaching coding

    If you’re an educator at any level, you will be one of the first to know just how quickly the curriculum moves in terms of computer science and STEM subjects. Not only are pupils expected to be at a certain level of literacy, numeracy included, but they’re also supposed to be computer literate and now, you’re also expected to introduce them to coding and programming. While this might seem like a daunting task, we have your back, here are some tips to help start you off with teaching coding. Continue reading →
  5. Robot Phidgets explained
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    Robot Phidgets explained

    Robot Phidgets is the term used to describe a selection of modular electronic components, including actuators, interfaces and sensors, which can be connected to a personal computer via Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors.    Continue reading →

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