Mobile Robots using RoboteQ control equipment are being deployed to fight Covid 19

    Developed by Swiss Robotics specialists using RoboteQ components, the mini™ UVC safely and autonomously disinfects any type of indoor public space, from hospitals to hotel rooms, airports and more. Flexible enough to suit virtually any site, the mini™ UVC mobile robot can be operated 100% autonomously, semi-autonomously, or manually by a person wearing personal protective equipment. The base is a reasonably simple design with an easy to program interface allowing it to follow a route and avoid objects. Teaching the robot the area to disinfect is simple and intuitive.  Inevitably, the batteries will run low but the robot simply takes itself back to base for a recharge before cracking on. Working autonomously at night is the perfect use for this robot.  See more about the RoboteQ Robopad Charging system. See more about this Mobile Robot below.

Mobile Robots Components

RoboteQ offer the most complete system for building Mobile Robots.  These components are used by countless mobile robot builders for their AVG, AIV or Remote operated vehicle designs. You can benefit from this hardware in your projects too.  From the simplest prototype in a robot lab, to building a commercially ready product, you'll find what you need in the RoboteQ range. Active Robots has taken the best of these robotics components and developed full Mobile Robots Kits. Initially, two models for low weight and two for up to 1200kg loads.  Mobile Robots specialist engineers are here to help you with any snags you hit along the way, keeping your project on track.  To find out more about the Mobile Robot Kits contact us. [embedyt][/embedyt]

How The Robot Works

Pathogens such as bacteria and Coronavirus, are easily damaged by ultraviolet light (UV).  High dose UV light damages the DNA of living organisms in the same way that sun light causes cancer.  The high wattage lamps on the robot destroys the RNA in viruses and kill bacteria in seconds.  Studies have shown that Covid19 can survive for days on public surfaces, other pathogens can survive for months, this method has demonstrated a very high success rate in killing the viruses. The robot works without needing human intervention, keeping staff safe from powerful the UV light. Driven by Autonomous Navigation Technology, it has collision avoidance and various other safety features.  Not least of which, verbal and visual warnings, and person detection with automatic shut-off to minimize the chance of accidental exposure.  The UV light cannot move through walls or glass, allowing people to work safely in adjoining rooms. Moving at around at four meters per minute, the robot covers a kilometre on a single charge. It can self manage its power and takes just two hours for a full recharge. This gives a huge capability, making it suitable for concourses, travel terminuses, hospital theatres or corridors, educational settings, shopping centres, public lavatories and much more. Mobile robot fighting Covid

Your Mobile Robot Projects

To discuss how Mobile Robots components can be used in your project, prototype or university course, contact us now.  More resources are becoming available, such as CAD designs, renderings and Mobile Robot concept designs and much more upon request, for those purchasing RoboteQ or Active Robots AVG or Mobile robot components or kits.  Our engineers can help you with your designs by viewing your plans and making suggestions, to avoid damaging mistakes. Our design team can help you with concept drawings to help you sell the project to your team. Mobile Robots are becoming more and more popular by the day.  If you are scoping a project, we'd love to hear from you about what you need to make it happen.   RoboteQ Motor Controllers Project