ORMi Mobile Robot makes development simpler

If you've developed a mobile robot, you'll know how difficult and frustrating it is to find compatible components and how challenging the process of putting them together, configuring the hardware, programming the software and getting them to talk each other usually is. All of that goes away when you use ORMi as the base of your mobile robot and you can get on with the more interesting tasks. Designed by the team of engineers at our sister company Active8 Robots to answer your frustrations and bypass all the time-consuming problems involved in building an AGV, AMR or AIV.  ORMi is a fully customizable fast-tracked solution that is perfect for a wide range of robot sizes and shapes. From an AIV carrying just a few grams in a lab, a warehouse fulfilment design or a factory AIV carrying 2000kg ORMi is the perfect base to start on.  Take a look at the options available:- https://www.active-robots.com/ormi-mobile-robot.html   [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXH2NVEyXqY[/embedyt]   LOW COST - Save tens of thousands of pounds on a mobile robot with a low capital outlay compared to buying an off-the-shelf product. LOW RISK - Build up your mobile robotics R&D knowledge and expertise, economically, in a market where experience is in short supply. CONVENIENT - Choose which stage of the development process is best for you to start from with three options from the ORMi family. TIME SAVING - Gain weeks or months to spend on the development work that really matters instead of wasting valuable time on mundane tasks. COMPATIBLE - Build-a-bot with tried and tested industry proven parts that you know are going to work together seamlessly. EASY TO INTEGRATE - Ease the coding process with a powerful setup and monitoring PC utility, sample scripts, APIs, ROS drivers and simulator. CUSTOMISABLE - Adapt your ORMi to meet the specific needs of your application and to overcome any unexpected challenges. TECH MADE EASY - Simplify the complex with just one controller, which can be operated from practically anything - PLC, joystick and radio controls, push buttons etc. PEACE OF MIND - Benefit from our free technical advisory service where help is always on hand to keep your project on track and in budget. A full range of Mobile Robot components is available HERE