When I was at primary school, the class sat two to a computer that came complete with one of the original versions of windows and a modem that made the same sort of noise I imagine aliens converse in. These days, primary school classes have state of the art computer rooms, but it isn’t just about being computer literate now. Many schools are starting to embrace coding from an early age, getting kids ready, not just to encourage STEM education later in life, but also to widen their opportunities in the workplace. As teachers already know, computer science lessons are a subject that requires problem-solving, resilience, collaboration and can really engage the class in a lesson that can be fun. Here is where we can help you improve your knowledge and teach coding with confidence. Among the educational resources that we offer are LEGO® Education products including the WeDo 2.0, which is perfect for primary school classes, and the MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 sets, which can cater for secondary school through to university and the best thing about these sets isn’t that they provide pupils with fun activities to help them get to grips with coding, but they come complete with built-in lesson plans and teacher support, allowing educators to teach with confidence. The WeDo 2.0 sets are perfect for starting pupil’s exploration of programming early, the sets comprise of easily recognisable Lego® bricks in bright colours and the ability to build whatever strikes their imagination. These sets allow hands-on learning that helps pupils make sense of the theory behind coding and engineering, start them off building according to the easily accessible lesson plans available on IOS and Android and then let them create their own robots and see how enjoyable teaching STEM can be. The WeDo 2.0 sets are also come with image-based instructions, meaning that pupils with Special Educational Needs can also take part. Currently, we’re offering a discount on our LEGO® Education sets, with 20% off the MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 classroom sets and 15% off the WeDo 2.0 sets when you use the code EM0917, so speak to one of our sales team today to get your class into coding.