We had a great time this weekend at Digimakers, held at We The Curious, in Bristol. Active Robots ran workshops throughout the day, helping children build a LEGO Robot Hand.This exercise was a great way for the participants to begin to understand how pneumatic works and get hands on with trial and error testing. Once the children had built their Robot Hand, using LEGO Simple and Powered Machines combined with the Pneumatics  Add-on Set, they were then set the task of picking different items up and discovering how much pressure was needed for each item. The most challenging item was a heavy tin of fruit, but we also enjoyed watching the children figure out how to pick up a marshmallow without squishing it! We brought a real AR10 hand with us, which our sister company, Active8 Robots, has implemented in robotics solutions. The kids at Digimakers were so excited to see how a robot hand just like theirs could be used in real-life. To further put into context the relevance of their activity we also showed them some videos of how Active8 Robots use pneumatics in their End of Arm Tooling. It was a brilliant day and we can’t wait to atteng another free Digimakers workshop day in a few months’ time- stay posted for details! Digimakers Digimakers robot hand Digimakers workshop Digimakers heavy lifting Digimakers we the curious