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Christmas Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa Presents

With Christmas fast approaching we've been searching high and low for great gift ideas. Whether you need a Secret Santa present for work or just a stocking filler we've compiled a fantastic selection to meet all budgets. To make things easier we have grouped our favourites into categories by price with some ideas starting at less than £5!* But hurry, stock is limited at these reduced prices.

Under £5

  • Rear bike light kit - £2.88 - This easy build bike light kit has just ten parts, making it an excellent introduction to electronics.
  • USB Powered Lamp kit - £3.65 - Colour changing desk lamp kit; also available in white.
  • Countdown Timer kit - £3.17 -  Easy to build introduction to the use of capacitors.
  • LED torch kit - £3.65 - Make you own handy little torch.

herbie mousebot and solarbotics solar marble machine

Under £10

  • Door alarm kit - £6.05 - The kit can be used to make a shed or room alarm. It is armed / disarmed by a hidden switch.
  • Solar Garden Light kit - £7.01 -  Put it in a jar for an inexpensive garden illumination.
  • Air freshener kit - £5.76 - The kit uses a silent low current motor to spin a fan air to circulate air through a freshener containing potpourri.
  • Conductive Paint Pen - £7.20 - Turn any surface into a circuit with this non-toxic, electrically conductive paint pen.

bare conductive video link

Under £20

herbie the mousebot video link

Over £20

solarbotics useless box video link*Prices exclude delivery - postage rates can be found under 'How to Order'

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