When BB-8 first rolled onto the Star Wars scene in 2015, fans could not believe the droid was not CGI. This has since lead to one, inevitable outcome; someone was going to try and make one.

BB8 Builders

Active Robots has become aware that many of our customers are members of the BB-8 Builders Club. Here, hobbyists share their ideas and suggestions about building their BB-8 robots. They explain what has worked, what hasn’t, and how people have done it in the past. BB8 The majority of the casing of the BB-8 is built using a 3D printer, however the motors and moving components inside can be made using many of the products we supply.

How we can help

Always looking to make our customers' lives as easy as possible, Active Robots has compiled a list of products that some of our customers have used to make the Drive Shafts of their BB-8. We have taken this list from our Supplier, ServoCity's, project.  If you are in the UK and building your life-size BB-8 then we could lower the cost of your project; we are an official UK distributor for Servocity. Of course, there are many other ways of creating your BB-8, each with its own merits. A quick look on the BB-8 Builder’s club will reveal that there are no two droids that are built exactly the same. Each builder adds their own ideas and their own personal touch. There are a lot of casual observers, but many builders who have completed droids. But in case you were wanting a quick route to add products to your basket, here you go!* *Be sure to scroll down to the description where you will find the quantities needed for each item.

Don't forget:

if there are other products on the ServoCity website that you would like to buy from us then just send an email with any product codes to sales@active-robots.com for a quote.