Active Robots joined forces with a number of primary schools, from the Bath & North East Somerset Area, for ‘Robot Gladiators’. Active Robots visit to Robot Gladiator event took place at Norton Hill Secondary school on 26th June.  The local primary schools included Welton, Farmborough, St Benedict's, St Vigor and St John, Midsomer Norton, Oakhill and Longvernal.  Each school sent teams of years 4 to 6 to compete in the event; with an assigned pupil from Norton Hill acting as mentor. Pupils spent time at the Robot Gladiator event designing, building and programme a Lego robot specifically to ‘battle it out’ against rival school by pushing their opponents robot out of the ring.  Students were introduced to basic robotic programming, including light and touch sensors, and learnt how they react to their surroundings. After the battling had commenced, the winning team of the Robot Gladiator event, who fought through, were pupils from St Vigor and St John Primary school who, were awarded their trophy. [caption id="attachment_170" align="aligncenter" width="378"] Pupils from the winning team (St Vigor and St John Primary school), Robotics, Education, Robot gladiators Pupils from the winning team (St Vigor and St John Primary school)[/caption] The day was concluded with a vision of the future, from Active Robots, as they demonstrated their humanoid robots.  These robots showed off the amazing advances in robotics to the extreme delight of the pupils and staff.  Active Robots were personally thanked for their fulfilling demonstration. [caption id="attachment_173" align="aligncenter" width="376"] Active Robots Demonstration , robotic, robot gladiator Active Robots Demonstration[/caption] Active Robots understand the importance of the Role of Robots within education.  It’s vital for children to be introduced to robots from a young age.  Through the Robot Gladiators event, students were able to adapt many skills which include learning how to work as part of a team, creativity, observation and also technology skills. Overall, the Robot Gladiators was a great success and we hope all students and schools that were involved enjoyed the day and benefited from Active Robots visit to the Robot Gladiator event and demonstration. Active Robots supply all the parts to build your own robots as well as Lego and other kits from beginners to advanced.