Whether you work in a lab, industry or in education, you will know that you need a certain amount of equipment while you are building, now there's a smart, neat way to win back some space.

A better way to work with the TOTEM Mini Lab.

The Mini lab replaces much of the clutter you use designing, building and testing electronics.  It has a built in upgraded Arduino board with stronger power supply and and protection for all IO signals.  These are then easily accessible from the board right next to the Breadboard making your prototypes instantly more robust and less fiddly.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShOU5rCFXbo[/embedyt]

  Find out more about the Totem Mini Lab price and delivery here:- www.active-robots.com/totem-mini-lab UK stock, fast delivery. Contents
  • TotemDuino – our improved version of Arduino UNO;
  • LabBoard – a capable experimentation and measuring platform;
  • 34-pin flat cable – use it to connect TotemDuino and LabBoard together;
  • Collection of Totem construction parts – for building Totem workbench;
  • Voltage adapter – to power laboratory from the mains;
  • Breadboards CYB-120 (2 units) – to extend your experimentation area;
  • Breadboard cables – Jump wire 20 cm x 40 pcs. U Shape Breadboard Jumper Cable Kit, 140 pcs;
  • Building instructions – suggested use of Totem parts for building a workbench where everything neatly mounts together;
  • Standard USB 2.0 Mini Cable 1m (A-male to mini-male).