Solarbotics Gear Motor 6

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This gear motor starts rotation at 0.58 volts, turning 7RPM drawing only 46.5mA.

Solarbotics Gear Motor 6
Solarbotics Gear Motor 6

This gear motor has a built-in safety clutch which engages at approximately 25in*oz (at 6.5V / 650mA).

This motor also has a unique 2mm (0.08") crest diameter chrome-finish splined shaft that can be pushed through the output gear to either side of the motor, and is also solderable! (If you do want to solder to it, pull the shaft right out, solder, then press it back in).

At 5 volts, this unit really humms, spinning at 145RPM and drawing 88mA no-load (610mA stall producing 20in*oz torque).

  • Size: 37 x 27 x 21 mm
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