Linear Actuator Control Boards, Switches & Potentiometers

Our LAC board is compatible with our "P" series actuators. It's a stand-along control board that gives you far more control over how you operate your device. Using the LAC board, you can set custom end limits, adjust the sensitivity, as well as adjust the speed at which your device travels. The LAC can be operated as an interface board, or as a stand-along controller with the addition of an external potentiometer and power supply.

We also offer a variety of micro linear actuator switches and control options including DPDT button, and DTDP rockers both momentary and latching, as well as a timer relay.

If you want wireless micro linear actuator control, try out our Wireless RF Remote Control kit. It is plug and play compatible with any of our "S" series actuators.

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  1. DPDT Button Kit contents
    DPDT Button Kit Product Code: DPDT_BUTTON_KIT
    £23.87 £19.89
  2. PQ12 Cable Adapter
    PQ12 Cable Adapter Product Code: CABLE-ADAPTER
    £4.32 £3.60
  3. Actuonix Wireless Remote control kit
    Actuonix 12V DC Wireless Remote control Product Code: REMOTE-CONTROL
    £49.32 £41.10 As low as £44.64
  4. Actuonix Linear Actuator Controller LAC
    Actuonix Linear Actuator Controller LAC Product Code: LAC
    £47.82 £39.85
  5. Firgelli LAC Case
    Actuonix LAC Case Product Code: LAC-BOX
    £12.76 £10.63
  6. Actuonix Potentiometer Kit
    Actuonix Potentiometer Kit Product Code: POT-KIT
    £5.10 £4.25
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