LiDAR Sensors

These devices are suitable for a variety of applications such as robotics, industrial, and more.

Powered by ROS (Robot Operating System), they provide more accurate and flexible data to your mobility solution for a vast range of robotic applications.

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  1. YRL3-05 Great value 3D LiDAR - with 5m range across a 270º horizontal and 90º vertical field of view.
    Yujin YRL3-05 LiDAR Product Code: YRL3-05
    £984.00 £820.00
  2. Yujin YRL3-10 LiDAR
    Yujin YRL3-10 LiDAR Product Code: YRL3-10
    £1,180.80 £984.00
  3. Yujin YRL3-20 LiDAR
    Yujin YRL3-20 LiDAR Product Code: YRL3-20
    £1,377.60 £1,148.00
  4. UST-10LX
    UST-10LX Product Code: UST-10LX
    £1,380.00 £1,150.00
  5. The Hokuyo UST-10LX-H01 offers a highly accurate angular resolution of 0.125º.
    UST-10LX-H01 Product Code: UST-10LX-H01
    £1,914.00 £1,595.00
    Out of stock
  6. The Hokuyo UST-20LX is a popular LiDAR scanner owing to it's compact form factor and high performance level.
    UST-20LX Product Code: UST-20LX
    £2,304.00 £1,920.00
  7. With an angular resolution of 0.125º & a measurement range of 20m the UST-20LX-H01 combines extreme levels of accuracy with a significant range. Additionally a fast scan speed enables this device to provide market leading performance within a compact hous
    UST-20LX-H01 Product Code: UST-20LX-H01
    £3,079.20 £2,566.00
  8. UST-30LX Compact Outdoor LiDAR Scanner
    UST-30LX Compact Outdoor LiDAR Scanner Product Code: UST-30LX
    £4,317.60 £3,598.00
  9. UST-05LA Obstacle Detector
    UST-05LA Obstacle Detector Product Code: UST-05LA
    £1,773.60 £1,478.00
  10. UST-05LN Obstacle Detection
    UST-05LN Obstacle Detector Product Code: UST-05LN
    £1,264.80 £1,054.00
  11. UST-10LN Obstacle Detection
    UST-10LN Obstacle Detector Product Code: UST-10LN
    £1,750.80 £1,459.00
    Out of stock
  12. UST-20LN High end Obstacle Detector with 20m range for collision avoidance and obstacle detection in faster moving vehicles
    UST-20LN Obstacle Detector Product Code: UST-20LN
    £2,912.40 £2,427.00
    Out of stock
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