MCP112 Voltage Trigger

As low as £2.39

The Microchip MCP112 voltage trigger is the direct drop-in replacement for the fabled Panasonic 1381x voltage trigger used in Solarbotics SolarEngine circuitry


With the 1381x going the way of the dinosaurs, Solarbotics have searched high and low for a pin compatible drop-in replacement for their SolarEngine circuitry. Luckily the MCP112 does just that! The number suffix after the ‘MCP112’ determines the voltage it detects.

ModelPreset voltage trigger pointRoHS Compliant
MCP112-195 1.90 (1.872 to 1.929)Yes
MCP112-240 2.32 (2.285 to 2.355)Yes
MCP112-270 2.630 (2.591 to 2.670)Yes
MCP112-315 3.08 (3.034 to 3.126)Yes
MCP112-450 4.38 (4.314 to 4.446)Yes

  • Operating Voltage Range: 1.0 – 5.5V
  • Operating Current: 1.75uA max