MCP112 Voltage Trigger

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The Microchip MCP112 voltage trigger is the direct drop-in replacement for the fabled Panasonic 1381x voltage trigger used in Solarbotics SolarEngine circuitry

MCP112 Voltage Trigger
MCP112 Voltage Trigger

With the 1381x going the way of the dinosaurs, Solarbotics have searched high and low for a pin compatible drop-in replacement for their SolarEngine circuitry. Luckily the MCP112 does just that! The number suffix after the ‘MCP112’ determines the voltage it detects. 

Value Preset voltage trigger point RoHS Compliant
MCP112-195  1.90 (1.872 to 1.929) Yes
MCP112-240  2.32 (2.285 to 2.355) Yes
MCP112-270  2.630 (2.591 to 2.670) Yes
MCP112-315  3.08 (3.034 to 3.126) Yes
MCP112-450  4.38 (4.314 to 4.446) Yes



  • Operating Voltage Range: 1.0 – 5.5V
  • Operating Current: 1.75uA max
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