Linear Encoder 300mm

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This 300mm linear encoder has a quadrature output with index channel and is ideal for use in linear systems.

Linear Encoder 300mm Linear Encoder 300mm dimensions Parts included in the Linear Encoder 300mm
Linear Encoder 300mm

This linear encoder converts movement along it's 300mm of travel into a quadrature signal that is readable by any of our encoder interfaces. It has an index channel that triggers in several places along the length of the encoder to aid in startup calibration.


By default this encoder ships with a DB9 connector that has the following pinout:

DB9 Pinout

Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Signal  NC Gnd NC  Shield  NC   A  Vcc B Index
Colour   Black   Shielding   Yellow  Red Green Brown

In order to connect this device to a Phidgets encoder board, you'll need to remove the DB9 connector and solder on the included 5-pin encoder cable.

Comes Packaged with:

Linear Encoder Parts

  • Phidget encoder cable with heat-shrink tubes
  • Debris shielding
  • Two mounting plates
  • Washers (2x large, 4x medium, 6x small)
  • M5 Screws (2x 40mm, 2x 30mm, 4x 20mm)
  • M4 Screws (4x 20mm, 5x 12mm)
  • 4x Metal mounting shim
  • 3x Plastic cable clip



Encoder Properties  
Length Resolution 5 μm/cyc
Electrical Properties  
Supply Voltage Min 5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5 V DC
Physical Properties  
Travel 300mm
IP Rating IP55
Maximum Speed 1 m/s


Encoder Interfaces

Encoder wiringEncoder wiring

This linear encoder must be read by an encoder interface. These interfaces will interpret the two quadrature signals in order to determine the continuous position of the carriage. If you want to use the device with one of our encoder interfaces you will need to remove the DB9 connector and solder on the included 5-pin encoder cable. You'll need to connect them as follows:

Encoder Green Red Yellow Brown Black
Cable Connector Brown Red White Green Black


The following interfaces are compatible with this encoder:




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