GrovePi+ Base Kit for Raspberry Pi, 855947002699

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GrovePi helps you build your own smart devices. The Base Kit includes the GrovePi board and 12 Grove sensors so you can build just about anything from a weather station or plant monitoring station to a MINECRAFT controller or automated rain notifier

The GrovePi is a system that connects over 100 Grove sensors and devices to the Raspberry Pi. GrovePi is an easy-to-use and modular system for hardware hacking with the Raspberry Pi. No need for soldering or breadboards: plug in your Grove sensors and start programming. Grove is an easy to use collection of more than 100 inexpensive plug-and-play modules that sense and control the physical world.

  • Ages: 7+ years

Kit includes:

  • GrovePi board 
  • 12 Grove sensors
  • *RaspberryPi 3 is not included but available separately.



Visit the GrovePi Product Support & Documentation page for step-by-step tutorials, technical specs, detailed product pictures, and sample code libraries.

GrovePi is a hardware system that helps you connect, program, and control sensors to build your own smart devices. It is built to work with all versions of the Raspberry Pi, a very powerful, yet small computer board about the size of a credit card. Learn more about it on the GrovePi product page.

The GrovePi board connects to the Raspberry Pi to the Grove Sensor System and is a Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Kit. The kit allows you to easily connect hundreds of sensors to the Raspberry Pi.

What’s Included in the Base Kit?

The GrovePi+ Base Kit gets you up and running with the GrovePi quickly. The Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Kit includes:

  • GrovePi Board
  • GrovePi+ Quick Start Guide
  • Plastic Storage Box
  • Grove – Sound Sensor
  • Grove – Temperature and Humidity
  • Grove – Light Sensors
  • Grove – Relay
  • Grove – Button
  • Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger
  • Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor
  • Grove – LCD RGB Backlight
  • Grove – Buzzer
  • Grove – Red LED
  • Grove – Blue LED
  • Grove – Green LED
  • Sensor Cables

What’s not included, but required?

  • Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi 3 recommended, but compatible with any version of the Raspberry Pi)
  • Power Adapter (for the Pi 3)
  • Ethernet cable (to setup the Pi)
  • Computer, or a monitor, mouse, & keyboard

What’s recommended to control remotely?

  • GrovePi Case
  • Mini Wi-Fi Dongle
  • Battery Power Pack
Check out the GrovePi Starter Kit if you’d like the full kit with the Raspberry Pi, Ethernet Cable, SD card, Power Adapter and Wi-Ri Dongle.8 AA Batteries