GPI/O 32 Board, GPI0-32

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The GPI/O 32 Board is an accessory board that allows up to 32 I/O pins to be controlled through a single Port connection on Elexol’s I/O 24 Range.


The Elexol I/O 24 Range consists of Ether I/O 24 R, Ether I/O 24 DIP R, USB I/O 24 R and the USB
I/O 24 DIP R.

The GPI/O 32 Board incorporates 2 x MCP23S17 GPIO expanders, which are split up into four 8 bit Ports (2 Ports per MCP23S17). This allows up to 32 I/O pins to be controlled via the Elexol I/O 24 SPI Protocol.


  • 2 x MCP23S17 GPIO expander IC's
  • 4 x I/O ports matching configuration of I/O 24 Port.
  • Hardware addressable pins for each SPI device
  • 72mm Standard width for DIN Rail Modules
  • Compact measurements 40 x 72 x 11mm ( DIN Rail mountable with adaptor)
  • 50-pin Dual In-Line Package Ideal for prototyping.