Gear Motor Series Wheels

As low as £9.00 £7.50

Solarbotics designed this injection-molded ABS wheel to fit the double-flat output shaft of the GM 2/3/8/9 style gear motors.

Gone are the rubber bands, replaced by molded-on thermoplastic silicon tyres with superior traction & wear characteristics!

  • Fits GM 2/3/8/9


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Molded-on thermoplastic silicon tyres provide good traction and wear characteristics.

What is really cool with this new design is the inclusion of a 64 strip pattern designed to match the popular "Wheel Watcher" optical encoders.

Just paint in every other stripe pocket, and you're ready to go!

  • 69mm Diameter
  • 7.62mm wide
  • Sold in pairs - GM 2/3/8/9 motors available seperately.