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The robot for everyone – sensitive, interconnected, adaptive and cost-efficient.

Conceived, designed and developed by Franka Emika GmbH in Munich and produced in Germany.

Inspired by human agility and sense of touch, it is a sensitive and extraordinarily versatile power tool. With torque sensors in all seven axes, the arm skillfully and delicately manipulates objects, flawlessly accomplishing tasks you program it for.

Unique characteristics of the collaborative lightweight robot system designed specifically to assist humans. Architected, designed and developed by Franka Emika GmbH in Munich and produced in Germany.

  • 7 Degrees of freedom
  • Sensitivity in all 7 axes
  • German build quality and precision
  • Bench-mounted
  • Integrated Joint Modules
  • Learning ability
  • Simple App based programming

Easy start

Delivered in a single box, there is no need to hire experts or wrack your brain over complex instructions on how to install your Panda system. Being not only easy but also quick to set up, Panda was designed to provide all types of users with a straightforward and gratifying set-up experience.

Easy Programming

Pilot, the first interface located directly on the robot, with accessible buttons for intuitive user input when configuring the Apps, is perfect for teaching the robot by demonstration.

Arrange the Apps

Apps are the building blocks used for creating tasks. Intuitively drag and drop the Apps in your desired sequence. Add, delete or re-arrange Apps according to your needs.

Train and Test

Teach positions by taking Panda by the hand. Adjust the Apps and edit parameters using the Pilot and dialog windows guiding you step by step….
…test your Task in original speed in your station…
…re-teach if necessary.

Deploy your robots and let them work automatically


Desk is an intuitive interface that runs on all web browsers and does not require software installation. In Desk you can easily program a task by arranging available Apps, and configure them via the Pilot or your input device. Then, simply press “Run” and Panda carries out the task.