FHS-C-Set UR3 Robot Dress Pack

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Robot Dress Pack for cable management.

  • Keep cables and pipes safe, clean and tidy.
  • These sets are especially designed for cable routing on the Universal Robots Company UR3 and UR3e.
  • The configuration includes protective cable conduit, end sleeves and the matching attachments.
FHS-C-Set UR3 Robot Dress Pack Robot DressPack Murrplastik Systems dresspack at truck plant Das Flexible Haltersystem FHS. Für die direkte Befestigung am Cobot
FHS-C-Set UR3 Robot Dress Pack

The robot dress pack for the UR3 and UR3e


Flexible support and protection system

  • Secure and reduce cable wear
  • Flat, compact design
  • Without tools and loose components

The Murrplastik FHS system has been designed for use with or without additional parts.  Buckle straps are used to fix the FHS base body to the robot arm.

The buckle strap at the FHS-C, where conduits and cables are inserted directly into the FHE base body, also fixes those and holds them in their position. 



  • 2m protective conduit
  • 3x FHS-C securing mechanisms including hood and loop tape
  • 2x end sleeves
  • 1x wire insertion tool
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