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FAQ - Website

Question: " 'Rollover Image to Enlarge' does not work in my browser"
Answer: It is more than likely you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer (version 6). To get the best results from our website you should upgrade your browser to latest version of Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle Chrome or Opera.


Question: "What is the best browser to view your website in?"
Answer: We do try and accommodate for all browsers, so we suggest you keep up-to-date with the newest version of your favourite web browser to get the best from our site.


Question: "The price in the shopping cart is different to the price advertised on the site"
Answer: This maybe due to a shopping cart error. Please report the website problem and include the product code and it will be resolved straight away.


Question: "My card keeps getting declined in your shopping cart"
Answer: "We do not control the process of card information this is power by RBS Worldpay. We suggest that you contact your bank to resolve the situation.


Question: "Why is my country blocked by the shopping cart?"
Answer: "Some countrys transactions can only be done via WireTransfer, we suggest you see if your country is in our list


Question: "The shopping cart crashed while I was in the shopping cart"
Answer: We suggest you contact us and we can tell you if anything has been processed if this does happen though we suggest that you do not place another order until you contact us


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