Ether I/O 24 R Module

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The Ether I/O 24 is an UDP/IP controlled digital Input/Output module.

The module features three 8-bit ports with 5V level signal lines. Each of the 24 lines can be independently programmed as either an input or output.

Ether I/O 24 R Module
Ether I/O 24 R Module

The module connects to any Ethernet network supporting the TCP/IP protocol suite and can communicate with any point on that network. By connection with an Internet Router the device can communicate with any Internet connected device

  • Supports ARP, BOOTP, DHCP, ICMP and UDP/IP Protocols
  • Industry standard 10BaseT Ethernet Interface with an industry standard RJ-45 Connector
  • 24 independently programmable signal lines with configurable CMOS, TTL or Schmitt Trigger thresholds and programmable pull-ups per line
  • Easy connection by three 10 way box headers to suit low cost, standard IDC or Crimp connectors
  • Integrated Switch Mode Voltage Regulator allows power from any 8-32V DC Power source
  • User 5V 500mA output to power external Interface boards or sensors
  • Compact module measures only 72mm x 72mm x 24mm
  • Advanced configuration allows the modules to automatically scan the input ports and transmit
    changes directly to another ETHER I/O 24 R module without host connection or to any Internet Port
    by router connection
  • On board EEPROM allows all ports to power up in a user programmable state
  • Programmable Fixed IP or Dynamic IP assignment from a DHCP server
  • Small packet size and connectionless protocol allows for Real Time sensing and control
  • Can be connected to a wireless network gateway or access point for wireless operation
  • Low Power consumption only 1.1W fully operational


  • Home or Industrial Automation
  • Digital Input and Output from any Networked PC
  • Remote Data Acquisition and/or Alarm Monitoring by Network or Internet
  • PC Controlled Machines and Distributed Machine I/O
  • Remote Lighting / Power control and/or monitoring
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