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Pre-Cut Maker Kit – created for Totem beginners, but also excellent for advanced Totem makers when building smaller projects.

TOTEM Pre-Cut Maker Kit Totem Pre-Cut Maker Kit contains 587 pieces
TOTEM Pre-Cut Maker Kit
  • 587 building pieces:
    – Beams – 15 x 10cm; 10 x 9cm; 10 x 5cm; 10 x 4cm;
    – Boards – 2 x 10x10cm; 6 x 3x10cm;
    – Brackets – 11 type of brackets, total 164 pieces;
    – Bolts and Nuts – 330 pieces;
    – Fillers – for nice corner finishing.
  • Plastic Beams and boards are already pre-cut and ready made.
  • Basic Totem brackets for main connections.
  • Informative assembly guide book.
  • Original Totem Screwdriver with super strong magnetic grip.
  • Small parts are provided in a nice compartment box.

Totem – a complete building system:

  • Totem structures are fast to build, which makes the system a great prototyping tool.
  • Unique beam, big variety of connection methods, easily changeable and strong structures makes whole prototyping process very efficient..
  • Mounting motors and electronics never been easier.
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