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We believe that electronics is fun and everyone is capable of building a successful electronics project. With no soldering required the starter kits are modular, easy to use and great fun too !. Whether you are a parent looking for a smart, fun weekend project to do with your child, a teacher looking for a way to increase engagement in your science course, or a graduate student in need of a platform for your robotics research, the starter kits provide a great solution.

Dexter Industries produce the BrickPi to replace LEGO NXT/EV3 with the Raspberry Pi-Brick duo for more functionality. The BrickPi enables you to use the LEGO sensors, motors and Technic parts, program in Python, Scratch or Java, and integrate web services, network multiple robots together and operate remotely through Wi-fi. 

The GoPiGo Robot Starter kit from Dexter Industries comes complete with base, wheels, servo motors, RaspberryPi 3, ultrasonic sensor, Wifi dongle and cables and is an ideal teaching tool and resource with access to step-by-step tutorials. 

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  1. Niryo NED Robot Jaws Pack
    Niryo NED Robot Jaws Pack Product Code: NIRYO_JAWS_GRP
    £88.80 £74.00
  2. Vacuum Pump Gripper for NED
    Niryo NED Robot Vacuum Pump Gripper Product Code: NIRYO_VAC_GRP
    £138.00 £115.00
  3. NED Robot Electromagnetic Gripper
    Niryo NED Robot Arm Electromagnetic Gripper Product Code: NIRYO_MAG_GRP
    £138.00 £115.00
  4. NED Large Gripper
    Niryo NED Robot Arm LARGE Gripper Product Code: NIRYO_LG_GRP
    £138.00 £115.00
  5. Niryo NED Robot Arm Adaptive Gripper
    Niryo NED Robot Arm Adaptive Gripper Product Code: NIRYO_AD_GRP
    £138.00 £115.00
  6. Niryo NED Conveyor Set
    Niryo Conveyor Belt Add On Product Code: NIRYO_CONVEYOR
    As low as £538.80 £449.00
  7. Niryo Vision Set
    Niryo Vision Set Product Code: NIRYO_VISION
    £630.00 £525.00
  8. NED Robot Arm  is designed for use in educational and research establishments. A Cobot based on Ubuntu and ROS designed for robotics
A collaborative 6-axis robot based on open-source technologies.
    NED Robot Arm Product Code: NED_ROBOT_ARM
    £2,592.00 £2,160.00
  9. Cubelets® Brick Adapter 4-Pack
    The Cubelet Brick Adaptor 4-pack Product Code: 855165004185
    £11.33 £9.44
  10. The Battery Cubelet
    Battery Cubelet Product Code: 855165004246
    £27.44 £22.87
  11. The Bluetooth® Hat Cubelet
    The Cubelet Bluetooth Hat Product Code: 855165004574
    £28.39 £23.66
  12. Threshold Cubelet
    Threshold Cubelet Product Code: 855165004253
    £27.44 £22.87
  13. The Speaker Cubelet
    Speaker Cubelet Product Code: 855165004154
    £23.65 £19.71
  14. Rotate Cubelet
    Rotate Cubelet Product Code: 855165004031
    £27.44 £22.87
  15. The Passive Cubelet
    Passive Cubelet Product Code: 855165004147
    £37.86 £31.55
  16. The Minimum Cubelet
    Minimum Cubelet Product Code: 855165004130
    £23.65 £19.71
  17. Maximum Cubelet
    Maximum Cubelet Product Code: 855165004123
    £23.65 £19.71
  18. The Knob Cubelet
    Knob Cubelet Product Code: 855165004116
    £42.20 £35.17
  19. Inverse Cubelet
    Inverse Cubelet Product Code: 855165004109
    £36.37 £30.31
  20. Flashlight Cubelet
    Flashlight Cubelet Product Code: 855165004093
    £36.37 £30.31
  21. Drive Cubelet
    Drive Cubelet Product Code: 855165004086
    £25.70 £21.42
  22. Distance Cubelet
    Distance Cubelet Product Code: 855165004079
    £28.39 £23.66
  23. Brightness Cubelet
    Brightness Cubelet Product Code: 855165004062
    £23.65 £19.71
  24. Blocker Cubelet
    Blocker Cubelet Product Code: 855165004055
    £23.65 £19.71
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