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What is a GrovePi+ Starter kit for Raspberry Pi?

This starter kit gets you up and running with the Raspberry Pi quickly. Just slip the GrovePi+ board over your own Raspberry Pi and connect sensors to the board, and you're ready to start hardware playing and prototyping with the powerful platform. The Starter Kit includes 12 carefully selected Grove sensors with 10 pieces cables

The GrovePi+, is stacked on top of the Raspberry Pi without the need for any other connections. Communication between the two occurs over the I2C interface. All Grove modules connect to the universal Grove connectors on the GrovePi+ shield via the universal 4 pin connector cable. There are over a hundred Grove accessories to choose from. The GrovePi+ is compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2,3.

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  1. Raspberry Pi Ethernet Cable

    Raspberry Pi Ethernet Cable

    Product Code: 855947002644
    Excl. VAT: £5.53 Incl. VAT: £6.64

    Raspberry Pi Ethernet Cable for connecting your Raspberry Pi to your laptop, computer, or network.  

    Connect your Raspberry Pi directly to your computer or router via this compact RJ-45 Ethernet cable.

    • The cable is 6″ long.

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  2. Acrylic Sensor Mounts (4 in a pack)

    Acrylic Sensor Mounts (set of 4)

    Product Code: 855947002835
    Excl. VAT: £14.39 Incl. VAT: £17.27

    This is a set of 4 sensor mounts to allow you to attach your Grove sensors to your GrovePi or GoPiGo robot car!

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  3. GrovePi+ mounted on the Raspberry Pi


    Product Code: 103010002
    Excl. VAT: £33.22 Incl. VAT: £39.86

    GrovePi helps you build your own smart devices. No need for soldering or breadboards, just plug in your sensors and start programming. The easiest way to start prototyping your hardware dreams and connect your Raspberry Pi to the Internet of Things. The Raspberry Pi is available separately.

    The GrovePi works with all versions of the Raspberry Pi.

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  4. GrovePi+ Base Kit for Raspberry Pi

    GrovePi+ Base Kit for Raspberry Pi

    Product Code: 855947002699
    Excl. VAT: £93.50 Incl. VAT: £112.20

    GrovePi helps you build your own smart devices. The Base Kit includes the GrovePi board and 12 Grove sensors so you can build just about anything from a weather station or plant monitoring station to a MINECRAFT controller or automated rain notifier

    The GrovePi is a system that connects over 100 Grove sensors and devices to the Raspberry Pi. GrovePi is an easy-to-use and modular system for hardware hacking with the Raspberry Pi. No need for soldering or breadboards: plug in your Grove sensors and start programming. Grove is an easy to use collection of more than 100 inexpensive plug-and-play modules that sense and control the physical world.

    • Ages: 7+ years

    Kit includes:

    • GrovePi board 
    • 12 Grove sensors
    • *RaspberryPi 3 is not included but available separately.


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  5. GrovePi for Raspberry Pi

    GrovePi+ Starter Kit

    Product Code: GROVEPISTARTER3
    Excl. VAT: £206.06 Incl. VAT: £247.27

    GrovePi is a hardware system that helps you connect, program, and control sensors to build your own smart devices.

    It is built to work with all versions of the Raspberry Pi, and includes the latest version RaspberryPi 3 and everything you need to get started.

    • Ages 7+ years

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