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LEGO® Education gives your secondary school pupils the classroom tools to learn to think critically and creatively – and have fun at the same time. LEGO® Education brick sets and robot kits nurture your pupils’ analytical skills at the same time as stimulating their blossoming creativity. LEGO® Education teaching resources are also fully aligned to your STEM curriculum. This is a great help for planning your computing, science, maths and design and technology lessons more efficiently.

LEGO® Education helps you plan your classes more efficiently. Because everything is already fully prepared, you can use the lesson plans as they are or as a basis to develop your own ideas. LEGO® Education brick sets and robot kits are easy to get to grips with, making it easy for pupils are able to take their own journey of exploration and discovery. To help you get the most out of LEGO® Education solutions, there are also teacher training resources with valuable insights about the most effective ways to use the products with your pupils.

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  1.  LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set
    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set Product Code: 45680
    £107.94 £89.95
  2. Simple & Powered Machines
    Simple & Powered Machines Product Code: 9686
    £155.40 £129.50
  3. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Core Set
    LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set and Software Product Code: 45544
    £424.80 £354.00
  4. LEGO EV3 Expansion Set
    EV3 Expansion Set Product Code: 45560
    £114.91 £95.76
  5. EV3 Space Challenge Set
    EV3 Space Challenge Set Product Code: 45570
    £216.60 £180.50
  6. LEGO EV3 Intelligent Brick
    EV3 Intelligent Brick Product Code: 45500
    £247.19 £205.99
  7. LEGO NXT/EV3 Battery DC Charger UK plug
    EV3 Battery DC Charger UK Product Code: 45517
    £32.39 £26.99 As low as £32.04
  8. LEGO® Technic™ Medium Angular Motor
    LEGO® Technic™ Medium Angular Motor Product Code: 45603
    £33.60 £28.00
  9. LEGO® Technic™ Large Angular Motor
    LEGO® Technic™ Large Angular Motor Product Code: 45602
    £36.00 £30.00
  10. LEGO® Technic™ Large Hub
    LEGO® Technic™ Large Hub Product Code: 45601
    £259.20 £216.00
  11. LEGO NXT Battery DC Charger EU
    EV3 Battery DC Charger EU Product Code: 45517EU
    £32.39 £26.99
  12. LEGO EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery
    EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery Product Code: 45501
    £86.39 £71.99
  13. LEGO® Technic™ Force Sensor
    LEGO® Technic™ Force Sensor Product Code: 45606
    £20.40 £17.00
  14. LEGO® Technic™ Colour Sensor
    LEGO® Technic™ Colour Sensor Product Code: 45605
    £24.00 £20.00
  15. LEGO® Technic™ Distance Sensor
    LEGO® Technic™ Distance Sensor Product Code: 45604
    £36.00 £30.00
  16. LEGO EV3 Large Servo Motor
    EV3 Large Servo Motor Product Code: 45502
    £32.39 £26.99
  17. LEGO EV3 Medium Servo Motor
    EV3 Medium Servo Motor Product Code: 45503
    £25.79 £21.49
  18. LEGO Temperature Sensor for EV3
    EV3 Temperature Sensor Product Code: 9749
    £43.19 £35.99
  19. LEGO EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor
    EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor Product Code: 45504
    £32.39 £26.99
  20. LEGO EV3 Gyro Sensor
    EV3 Gyro Sensor Product Code: 45505
    £32.39 £26.99
  21. LEGO EV3 Colour Sensor
    EV3 Colour Sensor Product Code: 45506
    £32.39 £26.99
  22. LEGO EV3 Touch Sensor
    EV3 Touch Sensor Product Code: 45507
    £19.19 £15.99
  23. EV3 Infrared Beacon
    EV3 Infrared Beacon Product Code: 45508
    £28.79 £23.99
  24. LEGO EV3 Infrared Sensor
    EV3 Infrared Sensor Product Code: 45509
    £32.39 £26.99
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