Distance Phidget

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Measure distances up to 170mm with this infrared time-of-flight sensor.

Connects to a VINT port.


Do you need a sensor that can measure short distances or detect the motion of objects passing by? This Phidget uses infrared light and a time-of-flight calculation to determine how far away an object is.

It can report the distance of the object it's pointed at as often as every 100 milliseconds, and will throw a out-of-range event when the distance exceeds the sensor's maximum range. Since infrared light is what it uses for the measurement, highly reflective objects will be easier to measure.

The DST1000 connects to a VINT hub.

Note: The label on the enclosure that reads "0-200mm" is innacurate. In optimal conditions, this sensor will have a maximum distance of approximately 170mm.

Sensor Properties

Sensor Type

Infrared (Time-of-Flight)

Controlled By


Measurement Distance Min

4 mm

Measurement Distance Max

* 170 mm

Measurement Distance Resolution

1 mm

Measurement Distance Noise

3 mm

Distance Sensor

Sampling Interval Max

60 s/sample

Sampling Interval Min

100 ms/sample

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Max

4 mA

Current Consumption Min

20 μA

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C