DC Power Source 5V - 24V, PSU2002_0

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This adapter provides an adjustable 5 to 24V from your hub's USB voltage, and can be turned on and off as a Digital Output.


For sensors and circuits that need to run on 5 to 24V, this adapter is an easy solution to integrate it with your Phidgets system.

The PSU2002 plugs into a VINT port and steps up the USB voltage as high as 24V DC.

There's a trimpot on the board to adjust the power source to the desired level, and the source can be turned on and off by toggling the state of the digital output of the VINT port it's connected to.

Board Properties

Controlled By

Digital Output

Electrical Properties

Output Voltage Max

24 V DC

Output Voltage Min

5 V DC

Available External Current

* 500 mA

Turn-on Time Max

4 ms

Physical Properties

Object Temperature Min

-40 °C

Object Temperature Max

85 °C