Dagu Rover 5 Chassis 2WD with 2 Encoders

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This tracked chassis from Dagu Electronics makes a great base for building a small tank-like RC vehicle or autonomous robot.

The chassis includes a battery holder and two DC motors, with an independent drive train and a quadrature encoder for each tread, so all you need to add to make a complete robot is a robot controller and the sensors of your choosing.

A unique mechanism allows you to configure the clearance of the chassis by adjusting the angle of the gearbox assemblies.

Dagu Rover 5 Chassis 2WD with 2 Encoders Dagu Rover 5 Chassis 2WD with 2 Encoders
Dagu Rover 5 Chassis 2WD with 2 Encoders

The chassis features a rugged white plastic body with room to house the included battery holder and some additional electronics.

The two powerful motors with 86.8:1 gearboxes are strong enough to lift the weight of the chassis and allow it to achieve speeds as high as 10 in/s (25 cm/s). 

The encoders provide a resolution of 1000 counts per three revolutions of the wheel, or 333.33 CPR (counting both rising and falling edges of both encoder channels).

A unique feature of this chassis is the ability to adjust its height—and, therefore, the clearance under its body—by changing the angles at which the gearbox assemblies are mounted on the body.

Interlocking teeth on the body and the gearboxes hold them in place and allow you to make adjustments in 5° increments by unscrewing a metal bracket inside the chassis, removing a gearbox, and reinserting it at a different angle.

The elastic rubber tracks maintain sufficient tension with several different gearbox angles, allowing the chassis height to vary by nearly 1.5" (3.8 cm).

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