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The PivotPi is a complete kit to turn anything in your world into a moving robot.

The PivotPi is a servo controller for the Raspberry Pi. It can control up to 8 servos, allowing you to make projects that move, grab, dance, swing, wave, and many other motions.

You can use the PivotPi to create robots, automate your home, make moving sculptures, and craft animatronics built with the Raspberry Pi.

The PivotPi can be programmed using Python, Scratch, and many other programming languages.

PivotP i- front of board PivotPi connected to included battery box PivotPi - back of board PivotPi connected to servo
PivotP i- front of board

Use PivotPi to create robots, moving sculptures, and animatronics built with the Raspberry Pi

With a Raspberry Pi and a PivotPi you will be able to drive servos to animate objects, and animate the world!  The PivotPi can be added to all versions of the Raspberry Pi.

These explanations will take you through the necessary steps to get started with PivotPi.  Those steps are so simple they all fit in one single page. We recommend you go through each step, in the following order:

What’s included?

  • PivotPi board (black board)
  • power battery pack & cable (4 AA batteries not included)

What’s not included?

Suggested components required to make it a robot (NOT INCLUDED):

  • Servo Motors: You’ll want to get servo motors to connect to the PivotPi so you can make your robots and projects move! We have small and large servo packs available, all which work with the PivotPi.
  • Raspberry Pi (PivotPi is compatible with all version of the Raspberry Pi): This board is the main brains of the robot that will connect to the PivotPi board.
  • mini Wi-Fi Dongle: Can be plugged in to the Raspberry Pi so you can unplug the ethernet cord and make it function as a remote control, mobile car.
  • microSD Card: Required “hard drive” for the Raspberry Pi (comes with Dexter Industry’s custom software “Raspbian for Robots”
  • Ethernet Cable: Required for plugging in to your computer to program the PivotPi.
  • Power Supply: Wall plug to power your Raspberry Pi while you are programming it, rather than using the batteries.
  • Batteries: PivotPi requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included.

1. A Walk Around the PivotPi

2. PivotPi Installation

3. Powering the PivotPi

4. Installing the PivotPi Servos

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