Javelin Stamp Demo Board

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This Javelin Stamp Demo Board is used for experimental hardware and software development with the Javelin Stamp module. The Javelin Stamp is programmed with the Java based language.
Javelin Stamp Demo Board
Javelin Stamp Demo Board
Also with dual serial ports, you can demonstrate the background UART capability and connect various RS-232 devices; while still remaining connected to the IDE for fast proto-typing. The development board has a 3-pin header to give quick connections to multiple 3-pin sensors that Parallax offers, all these features and keeping the breadboard space free to allow for complex projects. Features:
  • Socket for the Javelin Stamp (Labeled U1)
  • JIDE port for debugging, messages, and downloading programs from the PC into the Javelin Stamp
  • Serial DB9 connector to connect to other serial devices
  • Breadboard area for building and testing prototype circuits
  • Reset button
  • Power Requirement: 6-24 VDC (6-15 VDC recommended)
  • Communication: DB9 (Serial RS-232)
  • Dimensions: 4.20 x 3.30 x 0.60 in (10.7 x 8.38 x 1.52 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -32 to +158 ┬░F (-0 to +70 ┬░C)
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