L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit

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The L298 is a popular motor driver IC that is usable from 6 to 50V, at up to 4A total output current. By itself, the IC is somewhat diffcult to wire and use, but the Compact L298 Motor Driver makes it much more convenient to use.

  • Soldering required
L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit
L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit

Featuring dual H-bridges, the CMD kit adds:

  • Four motor direction indicator LEDs
  • An onboard user-accessable 5V low-dropout regulator
  • Schottky EMF-protection diodes
  • Screw-terminals for power and motor connections
  • Socket pin connectors for easy logic interfacing
  • A small 40mm (1.53") square footprint
  • Soldering Required:Yes
  • Tools Required:Yes
  • Kit Difficulty:2.00/5
  • Kit Completion Time:0.75hrs
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