dS1242 - 2 x 16A Ethernet Relay

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Right out of the box -

  • Simple configuration and setup from your web browser.
  • Control it from a web page, or select tcp/ip control with an option of ASCII, Binary or Modbus protocols. 
  • Send email notifications on selected events. 
  • Optional AES encryption for totally secure control using binary tcp/ip mode.
  • Add simple relay automation, for automatic relay control.
  • Create Peer to Peer control in a few clicks.
  • Up to eight 32-bit counters with capture and reset, 20 counts/second on inputs.
  • Event schedules for timed events daily or weekly.
ds1242 - 2 x 16A etherent relay dS1242 - 2 x 16A Ethernet Relay dS1242 - 2 x 16A Ethernet Relay Getting started with your dScript module Control a dS1242 with Amazon Alexa dScript MQTT communication with mosquitto and NodeRed
ds1242 - 2 x 16A etherent relay

Still want more? 

You can completely customise the module using our powerful dScript language! - or just modify a supplied example.
Create custom webpages - Add your own logo, buttons and functionality.
Add a tcp server to respond to incoming tcp requests with your own functions.
Include a tcp client and send packets of tcp data to other devices using your own protocol.

dScript editor requirements - Windows 7 or later, Linux or macOS.


  • Serial ports - 1 x TTL level serial port.
  • Relays - 2 with up to 16Amp @24vdc or 250vac, screw Terminals for N/O N/C and Common contacts
  • I/O - 4 channels, your choice of VFC input or NPN output.
  • Analogue Inputs - 2 channels of 10-bit A/D.
  • Communication - USB for development, RJ45 Ethernet for normal access
  • Power - 12V DC jack 2.1mm (adaptor sold separately)
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