Sensors measure a physical quantity, and convert it into a useable signal for your robot. When designing your robot it is important to choose the correct sensors to enable it to be aware of its environment and perform the tasks required. Consider what it is about your environment you need your robot to know, and your needs in terms of the precision and accuracy required, this will dictate the type of sensors you will need. We have a huge range of sensors that can be applied to a variety of projects, our range includes: Environmental monitoring, distance, force, speed, pressure, temperature, magnetic flux, vibration, humidity, rotation, touch, imaging, light, biometrics, gas, acceleration, current, voltage, orientation, gravity, tilt sensing and speech recognition. Be aware of the magnitude of input and output needed and choose a sensor with adjustable sensitivity or varying degrees of freedom if required. We can also provide Data Acquisition Devices to interface an array of sensors with a PC.
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