2mm Axle Large Rubber Wheels, RW2-2MM


Newly redesigned and manufactured, these beautifully machined anodized black hubs come with a generously thick silicone-rubber tyre for maximum traction.

  • This wheel hub has a 2mm pilot hole, so it's easy for you to drill it out to exactly whatever size you require!
  • 2mm Axle Diameter





The tyre mounted on the hub measures in at 28mm (1.125in) diameter and overall width (including set-screw flange) of 17.03mm (0.67in) wide..

The hub has a 2mm pilot hole ideal for drilling out to exactly whatever size you require.

It's a nice, fat, beefy wheel ideal for small robots!

Wheels are sold seperately and include a hub, tyre and grub screw.


  • Tyre:
    • 28mm (1.5″) diameter,
    • 13mm (0.5″) wide
    • 12.7g (0.45 ounces)
    • 20D durometer
  • Hub:
    • Aluminum constructions
    • 12.7mm wide
    • 2 shaft hole