Complete Robot Drive System

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A complete Robot Drive system, ready to integrate into your robot, comprising of:

  • An MD25 motor drive module
  • Two EMG30 gearmotors with encoders
  • Two mounting brackets
  • Two 100mm wheels with hubs already fitted
  • Screws to fit the motors to the brackets and a hex key for the hub screw is included.
Complete RD02 Drive System EMG30 - Gear motor with encoder EMG30 mounting bracket Wheel 100 mm
Complete RD02 Drive System

Only a single 12v battery capable of supplying peak current of 6Amps is required to power the system.

Power for the logic comes from an on-board 5v regulator which is also capable of supply up to 300mA to your own circuits.

  • The RD02 is suitable for robots up to around 5kg
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