Buffered ±2g Accelerometer

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The DE-ACCM2G2 is an off the shelf 2 axis 2g accelerometer solution with analog outputs.

It features integrated op amp buffers for direct connection to a microcontroller's analog inputs, or for driving heavier loads.


To maximise usability, it is designed to fit in the DIP-14 form factor, making the DE-ACCM2G2 suitable for breadboarding, perfboarding, and insertion into standard chip sockets. To keep things as simple as possible, there are only 4 pins - two for power, and two for the X and Y analog outputs.

Additional circuitry ensures that the product won't be damaged by reversed power connections, and it has an onboard voltage regulator to allow operation from a wide range of inputs.

  • Dual axis ±2g sensing
  • Onboard regulator accepts inputs from 3.5V to 15V
  • 660mV/g sensitivity
  • 500Hz bandwidth
  • Accurately drives up to a 3kΩ load

Protective features:

  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Output short protection


  • Motion, tilt and slope measurement
  • Shock sensing