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Programming Software

Programming is the process of creating a sequence of instructions that tell a computational device, such as a microcontroller on the VEX robot, how to perform a task. There are several options for creating and downloading programs to your VEX robot that range from very simple to highly sophisticated. Your microcontroller is pre-programmed with default code that allows you a simple way to get started without writing and downloading code. However, more complex robot configurations and behaviour are possible through programming. To utilize the VEX Robotics Design System without autonomous programming or robot sensors, there is no extra software required. The system works fine "out of the box" for general robot operation. Minor changes to robot functionality (e.g. joystick scaling, motor reversals) can still be made via the transmitter menus or by placing jumpers in certain ports of the digital I/O.

Autonomous code allows a robot to perform behaviors without input from the radio control transmitter. The robot follow pre-programmed routines responding only to sensor inputs.

Radio control code allows you to configure the way in which the radio control transmitter controls the robot, allowing a human operator to provide input to the robot.

Autonomous code can be integrated with radio control code to achieve even better robot performance for complex tasks. Each VEX programming kit option is a combination of software and hardware components that enable you to write programs for your robot and to then download them onto your Microcontroller.

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Programming Software

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