Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar

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The Unitree Robotics Go1 is a bionic quadruped robot that behaves like a dog. The robot dog accompanies you whilst you are walking and may help to carry some load as you see fit. 

The Go1 Edu was designed by the Chinese-based Unitree Robotics and presents a dog-like behavior, programming development opportunities, and a very affordable price.

This budget-friendly bionic quadruple robot dog is the most cost effective option to get a reliable and diverse robot for educational, R&D or commercial purposes.

Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar
Unitree Go1 Edu with 3D Lidar

The advanced built-in AI is powered by a 16-core processor combined with a 384-core, 1.5 TFlops GPU. The Go1 Edu is equipped with Super Sensory System including 5 sets of stereo depth fish-eye lens cameras with a viewing angle of 150 x 170°, 3 sets of ultrasound sensors, and foot force sensors measuring the impact when contacting the ground. This system greatly adds to the robot's navigation capabilities and helps it trace the optimal route even in complicated environments, efficiently avoiding obstacles.


ISS Intelligent Concomitant System

  • Unlike conventional follow modes, the Go1 stays in your peripheral vision. There is no need to keep looking back and worry about whether the robot still behind you.

Robust and Reliable Powertrain with flexible and Adaptive Joints.

  • The Go1 has ultra-lightweight low-noise long-life power joints.
  • Body/Thigh Joint C1-8: 520g 23.70N.m (MAX).
  • Knee Joint C1-8×1.5 ratio 35.55N.m (MAX).
  • A patented heat pipe-assisted heat dissipation system is built into the vicinity of the knee joint motor.

SSS Super-sensing System

  • 1 set of fisheye binocular depth sensing angle≈ 150 x 170°
  • 5 sets of fisheye binocular depth sensing+ fisheye AI sensing
  • 1 set of fisheye binocular depth sensing≈ 4 sets of intel realsense sensing angle
  • Thus: 5 sets of fisheye binocular depth sensing ≈ 20 groups of intel realsense sensing angles
  • Fisheye AI sensing: human recognition, etc.


645 x 280 x 400 mm



Load Capacity


Operating voltage


Top Speed


Max Slope


Max Step Height




Fisheye Depth Camera

5 sets of fish-eye stereo depth cameras (≈ 150 x 170°)


2Nano+ (1Nano or 1NX)


Side-Follow, Ultrasonic, GPU, App2View, HAI 1 Human Recognition, Top View


Ethernet, USB 3.0, RS232, 4G or 5G


Graphic Processing API (OTA), Research Programming API and Python Programming API


RoboSense RS-LiDAR-16 3D Laser Range Finder


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