Tamiya Worm Gearbox Kit, 73

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With the Tamiya 72004 Worm Gear Box, High Efficiency, it is possible to have high power or high speed with two different gear ratios.

Several crank arms have been supplied along with a RE-260 motor.

This gear box works well in a variety of Tamiya Construction or Robotics projects.


The primary feature of this high-efficiency gear box is a worm gear, which locks the output shaft whenever the motor is not turning.

The high gear ratios of 216:1 or 336:1 make this gearbox appropriate for small walking robots, lifting mechanisms, and other applications where high torque is desired.

The low-voltage motors run on 3-6 volts and draw up to a few amps, making them perfect candidates for the Pololu Orangutan LV-168 robot controller Product Code 775, which incorporates these low-voltage motor drivers.