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BASIC Stamp development board designed to be compatible with most Arduino shields, reducing space and size requirements, with the purpose of optimizing the users systems.

Key Features:

  • All 16 Digital I/O pins are free to use, allowing you to fully utilize the capabilities of the BASIC Stamp.
  • Compatible with most Arduino shields, for ease of use between systems.
  • Integrated Serial Communication LEDs for a visual confirmation of data transfer.
  • Surface mounted 3.3 V regulator to accommodate the incorporation of 3.3 V devices into your application.
  • USB or externally powered, for those who do rapid prototyping


  • 7-12 VDC power supply
  • 3.3 V 150mA regulator
  • 500 mA max draw from USB power
  • 1 A max draw from external power supply
  • Serial communication through USB port
  • Dimensions: 68.58 mm x 53.34 mm (length x width)


  • BASIC Stamp Module not included.
  • Every time the USB port is connected, the BASIC Stamp resets, even if the board is powered through the power jack.
  • When using a shield connected to the board, ensure it doesn’t make contact with the BASIC Stamp module. Stackable Header Kits are recommended for the Arduino.