Solar Panel 18V@10W,340x280mm

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This easy-to-use solar panel is a great addition to your next solar powered project. This solar cell provides approximately 18V DC in direct sunlight at up to 10W (approximately 555 mA). Multiple units can be chained serial and/or parallel to increase voltage and current.
Solar Panel 18V@10W,340x280mm
Solar Panel 18V@10W,340x280mm

These Solar Panels are not surplus or overstock. These quality panels are custom made for Parallax to our specifications.


  • 18 VDC Output 
  • 10W Power Output 
  • Can be expanded for more voltage/current
  • Convenient Screw Terminals w/Strain Relief 


 Application Ideas:

  • Solor Powered Data Logger 
  • Rechargeable Outdoor Lighting
  • Power Output: ~18V @ 10W (~555 mA) 
  • Output Type: DC Voltage 
  • Dimensions: 340 x 280 x 22 mm 
  • Operating temp range:0 to +70°C
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