Servo Travel Tuner, 3109-0002-0001

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Control How Far Your Servo Travels!
Just plug it inline between your servo and your receiver then adjust the dials! You can achieve more or less rotation than you would otherwise get.

No coding or servo programming required. Just set it to your liking and leave it in inline with your servo. The small footprint is able to tuck away inside your R/C vehicle or robot chassis and you’re ready to go.

Why is it needed?
The amount that a servo can rotate is based on the signal it receives from the servo controller it is connected to. If the servo controller is not able to send the desired range, you may not be tapping into the full potential of your servo.

The Servo Travel Tuner allows you to adjust the range of the servo regardless of the signal being sent! While a microcontroller gives you the ability to pick the signal range that you send to your servo, many servo controllers have strong roots in the remote-controlled vehicle market which has adopted a much narrower signal range.

The Servo Travel Tuner plugs in, much like a servo extension, and gives you three dials to adjust the servo to your liking. Turn the dials up to achieve more travel or turn them down to have fine precision control over a very limited range. Have a project that requires more travel on one side of center than the other? – Each side is fully independent!


0.7 oz

Max Input PWM Range

500-2500 μsec

Max Output PWM Range

500-2500 μsec

Max Voltage