Robotics with the Boe-Bot Text v2.2, 28125

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The text introduces motor control and interfacing your robot to the human world to avoid objects, following light, and provide sound and light feedback.


The Robotics text, based on the Boe-Bot robot (#28132), is the most popular Stamps in Class series.

To build the robot, this text requires a BS2-IC, Board of Education carrier board (#28150), and Robotics Parts Kit (#28124), each sold separately.

Or you may purchase the complete Boe-Bot Full Kit (#28132).

  • Your Boe-Bot robot's Brain
  • Your Boe-Bot's Servo Motors
  • Assemble and Test Your Boe-Bot robot
  • Boe-Bot Navigation
  • Tactile Navigation with Whiskers
  • Light Sensitive Navigation with Photoresistors
  • Navigating with Infrared Headlights
  • Robot Control with Distance Detection