3314_0 950g-cm Unipolar Stepper

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This affordable unipolar stepper has a 7.5° step angle and 710 g·cm of torque at low speeds.

3314_0 950g-cm Unipolar Stepper
3314_0 950g-cm Unipolar Stepper

This is the motor you want if you are looking for a low cost unipolar stepper that needs to do some work.

Motor Properties

Motor Type

Unipolar Stepper

Manufacturer Part Number


Step Angle


Step Accuracy

7 %

Holding Torque

950 g·cm

Rated Torque

710 g·cm

Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage

240 RPM

Electrical Properties

Rated Voltage

12 V DC

Rated Current

280 mA

Coil Resistance

43 Ω

Phase Inductance

27 mH

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter

3 mm


138 g

Number of Leads


Wire Length

300 mm

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