3530_1 Phidget Optical Rotary Encoder

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This encoder can measure rotation at speeds of up to 3000 RPM and plugs into a Phidgets Encoder Interface.
3530_1 Phidget Optical Rotary Encoder
3530_1 Phidget Optical Rotary Encoder

This is a small ball bearing construction, rotary encoder without index that goes up to 3000 rpm.


This encoder connects to a quadrature encoder interface. The connector at the end of the cable is compatible with all Phidgets encoder interfaces. To attach the shaft of this encoder to a motor or some other device, you can use a shaft coupler. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for details on interfaces and couplings.

Comes Packaged With

  • Two mounting screws


Encoder Properties

Output Circuit Type

Push-Pull (Single-Ended)

Controlled By

Encoder Interface

Encoder Resolution

360 CPR

Encoder Speed Max

3000 RPM

Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min

5 V DC

Supply Voltage Max

5 V DC

Output Frequency Max

80 kHz

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter

4 mm

Cable Length

1 m

Shaft Maximum Axial Load

10 N

Shaft Maximum Radial Load

20 N

Operating Humidity Min

30 %RH

Operating Humidity Max

(Non-condensing) 85 %RH

Operating Temperature Min

-25 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C

IP Rating



83 g

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