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ZORA Robot

In 2014 Zora Bots and Aldebaran joined forces to launch the ZORA solution for healthcare in Europe. Nao, the most famous humanoid robot in the world needed a solution to make it easier to use. Aldebaran created the shell and Zora Bots designed the application behind it.

Robots like Nao and Pepper are no longer just toys for experimentation in the closed circles of developers. Thanks to the Zora solution, these robots have become a real product and part of everyday life.

Two years later, the application has crossed the European borders and become widely adopted all over the world, mostly in the care sector, but also in the hotel business. Every day over 25,000 people interact with Zora.

Zora is the new companion in residential care facilities. Zora weighs only 5,7kg and stands just over 57cm (22 inch) but the humanoid robot arouses more than curiosity whenever Zora takes the floor or moves just a single finger.

Controlled via a tablet by health professionals, Zora can lead a physical therapy class, read out TV programmes, weather forecasts or local news.

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ZORA Robot

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