Cubelets Inspired Inventors Educator Pack, 855165004444

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Cubelets Inspired Inventors Pack

  • Includes 156 Cubelets robot blocks
  • Supporting 6 or 12 groups of learners
  • Ultimate tool for design, robotics and STEM integration
  • Perfect for teaching computational thinking and tactile coding

The largest Cubelets set, this combination is perfect for maker-spaces, libraries, museums, classrooms, and all educators who know students can’t get enough of Cubelets. Designed for individual learners and groups alike, everyone has a chance for in-depth exploration of robotics, STEM, and computational thinking. Groups can utilise the Bluetooth® Hat to explore computational thinking and coding using the free Cubelets Apps.

For some, teaching STEM can be daunting if it's not their feild of expertise. This is STEM Education you won't be scared of! Cubelets are a very simple way to intorduce the underlying principles without needing to know complex programming. This Educators pack comes with endless teacher support from Modular robotics, starting with the video on this page. There are also activity cards, lesson plans, videos and further learening resources.

Designed to support six or twelve groups of learners, this pack includes 156 Cubelets

Sense (Black) Think (Coloured) Act (Transparent)
12 Distance 12 Passive 12 Drive
12 Brightness 12 Inverse 12 Flashlight
12 Knob 12 Blocker 12 Rotate
6 Threshold 6 Minimum 6 Bar Graph
6 Temperature 6 Maximum 6 Speaker



  • 12 Battery cubelets
  • 6 Bluetooth Hats
  • 48 Brick Adapters (12 sets of 4)
  • 2 x 5-Port Chargers
  • 10 Charging Cables
  • 6 Storage Totes